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Singer/Songwriter John LeeThe acoustic guitar songs featured here at Planetary Spirals are all the creation of singer/songwriter John Lee. They represent over 10 years of writing and recording and cover themes such as UFO conspiracies and environmental degradation. Coined guitar folk the music is a fusion of traditional folk, contemporary arrangements, grunge influences, rock and blues. The albums are free to download ,each track is available as an individual mp3 download.

Singer/songwriter John Lee has been developing his own songwriting and performance style. In the spirit of free independent music, the album content is not deliberately focussed at any kind of market or listening group. The acoustic guitar songs are a labour of love for the artist. A free expression of his emotions and thoughts on the world he experiences as it happens.

The acoustic guitar music was originally recorded on a four-track recorder. The analogue recordings were converted to digital downloads. As new guitars, Freshman and Washburn were purchased digital recording techniques were learnt and utilised by the singer/songwriter. The music was captured using a digital mixer and edited with the Acid Pro digital workstation. The change in recording techniques has created studio quality recordings.

Singer/Songwriter John Lee

Besides writing and recording free independent music the singer/songwriter enjoys writing about unexplained phenomenon, UFOs, history and changes in the Earth’s climate. Poetry and short story writing are also becoming an important factor in the artist’s exploration of self-expression. The album Lullaby has recently been recorded the first track from the album has just been released and shares its name with the album title. Enjoy the free independent music and download this new mp3.

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  • Front cover for the album Hegelian Dialectic
  • Front cover for the album Top Secret
  • Artwork for the album Lullaby
  • Front cover for the album Mysterious Circles
  • Front cover for the album Nibiru
  • Front cover for the album cover of As Above, So Below
  • Front cover for the album Vimanas

Open Mic - Masons Arms (Denbigh, North Wales)

I am no playing at the Masons Arms in Denbigh as part of their Open Mic. I am featured on the latest Facebook Live stream about halfway through, playing a selection of my own songs as well as Melissa and I am The Highway as a tribute to the late Chris Cornell.

To watch the last Facebook Live stream click here

Thoughts & Reflections September 2016

So here we are in the future, NASA sending Osiris Rex to a faraway comet…technology enabling future explorations to deep space…proxima centuri beware! And still we can’t reconcile our differences on this insignificant ball of rock. I try and write songs with a positive message and believe I’m quite well read, particularly searching for an alternative view (recommend John Hamers book ..The falsification of history and anything by Henry Makow and others). Climate change is no conspiracy, the evidence is there, but will the elite use it to continue there quest for absolute power(check out agenda 21). All musicians particularly in mainstream seem to be in on the game, I know it’s cynical but when immorality is spread through pop videos it’s hard to see the industry in a positive light (triangle of manifestation…becoming a bore). Of course there’s positives, Global Citizen for example and with activism comes empathy, which I believe can only be good for the world. So with my collection of new songs ready to record I hope to touch and connect, with the title being ‘Outside the outsiders’ it’s how I felt growing up and still do a little to this day, of being alienated and isolated from the so called popular and cool, but from this comes another perspective, an eternal gnostic reflection, that searches inside and finds love and comfort. Don’t worry about image, just create and be good to each other. That’s what I do…finding strength in music and nature…there constant and will always be there. Thanks for reading. Peace xx