My Favourite Albums at the Moment

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music, which sometimes inspires me. The type of music I listen to changes all the time, but always approach new sounds with an open mind. Because when I or other people write songs it is just a refection of personal experiences and sounds which have been absorbed and processed over time. At the moment I am listening to alot of new albums and some older ones, which are listed below. Without music the planet would be a strange place , it seems natural to me to express a feeling in a song and without the artists and bands that have kept me company over the years I do not know if I would have played guitar and composed any songs. Friends come and go, but the music is always there.

Here's my list of my favourite albums at the moment:-
1)Mike Oldfield - music of the spheres
2) Beth Orton - central reservation
3) Gaslight anthem - american slang
4) Bob Dylan - highway 61 revisited
5) Airbourne - No guts, no glory
6) Black crowes - croweology
7) Stone temple pilots - stone temple pilots
8) Future sound of london - lifeforms
9) Levellers - levelling the land
10) Ozric tentacles - the hidden step